Kumho Tire named title sponsor of the TCR World Tour

WSC Group and Kumho Tire signed a title sponsorship deal for the KUMHO TCR World Tour.

The signing ceremony took place last Thursday at WSC operative office in Lugano, where WSC President Marcello Lotti and Kumho Tire CEO Iltaik Jung signed the three-year agreement.
Other officials from both sides attended, including Executive Vice President of Sales-Europe at Kumho Tire, Gangseung ‘Tony’ Lee, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Kumho Tire, Janghyuk Yoon and Nunzia Corvino, Chief Operating Officer of WSC.

Kumho Tire began sponsoring TCR competitions in 2022, supplying control tyres to TCR Europe, TCR Denmark, TCR Eastern Europe and TCR Spain. This year the partnership has been extended to TCR Australia, TCR Brazil, TCR Finland, TCR Middle East and TCR South America.

All cars that will take part in the KUMHO TCR World Tour will be fitted with the ‘ECSTA S700’ that offers excellent traction and enables stable driving at high speeds, and the ‘ECSTA W701’ that offers superb driving performance and stability on rain-covered surfaces.

WSC president Marcello Lotti, said: “Kumho Tire has been recognized for its quality and technological excellence by providing official tyres for TCR Europe and other major events. I am certain that the inaugural KUMHO TCR World Tour this year will deliver exciting races.”

“Building on years of technological expertise in motorsports, Kumho Tire is expanding its horizon as a partner of the TCR World Tour,” said Janghyuk Yoon, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Kumho Tire, “We will continue to strengthen our position as a high-performance tyre brand.”

Pictures: WSC Group / TCR Europe